Divine Mercy Prayer will take place this Sunday 05/07/2020 at 2:45pm


Purgatory Seen BY SAINT Faustina

I saw the Angel of God who told me to follow him. In an instant I found myself in a foggy place filled with fire, and with it a whole lot of suffering souls. These souls pray very earnestly, but to no avail, we can only help them. My Guardian Angel did not leave me for a moment. And I asked these souls, what is their greatest suffering? And they told me unequivocally that the greatest suffering for them is the longing for God. I saw the Mother of God visiting souls in Purgatory. Souls call Mary “Sea Star”. She brings them cool. I wanted to talk to them more, but my Guardian Angel gave me a sign to leave. We left the door of this suffering prison. I heard an inner voice that said: My mercy does not want this, but justice commands. From now on, I am in close contact with suffering souls. (Acts 20)


One day I saw two ways: one wide, sand and flowers, full of joy and music and various pleasures. People walking this way dancing and having fun? they came to the end, they do not notice that it is over. And at the end of this road was a terrible abyss, or hellish abyss. These souls fell blindly into this abyss, as they went, they also fell. And there were a great number of them that they could not be counted. And I saw the other way, or rather the path, because it was narrow and covered with thorns and stones, and the people who walked with tears in their eyes and various pains were their participation. Some fell on these stones, but immediately arose and went on. And finally the road was a wonderful garden filled with all sorts of happiness and all those souls entered there. At the very first moment they forgot about their suffering. (Acts 153)