Appeal !!!

First of all thank you everyone who supported us and kept us going throughout the Pandemic. It has been a very difficult time for everyone.  Here in St Mary’s, it has been extremely difficult losing Fr PJ at such a crucial time. We wish him a speedy recovery.

We are re-introducing the weekly Collection this weekend, as now the Church is back to full capacity, and we thank you in anticipation.  To keep the parish afloat it is vital that everyone contributes. This helps to keep an aged building viable – heating, lighting, grounds, candles and wages, all are costs which we incur every week. The Parish needs approx €3000 to run smoothly each week, but at the moment this target is not being reached. The Hub of our Parish is our Parish Office which plays a very important role in the running of our Community.

Fr Liam has put all contributions for Masses, Anniversaries, Baptisms, and Weddings into the Parish funds in order to keep the place running.

At each Mass we will have envelopes on the seats which you can contribute to the Parish. Thank you to all for your ongoing support..