Donation Buttons on Kandle Website: There are now two easy to use electronic ‘Donate Buttons’  on the front page of the diocesan website

  1. The first button is called ‘ Parish Collections’. This button allows a donor to donate to any of our parishes towards the Weekly Collection of the Clergy Collection. At the end of each month the money will be directly transferred to the local parish.
  2. The second button is called ‘Diocesan Collections’ This allows the donor to support any of our Diocesan appeals and they are listed: Retired Priest’s Vocations, Missions, Faith Development, Peters Pence, Youth Ministry and Trocaire

The donation system is easy to use and very secure. Every donation will be receipted. Parishes have already received donations through this system. Whatever promotion you can do at a local level of this new Donation facility has benefits all round and is deeply appreciated