Masses for the Coming weeks

Masses for the Coming weeks
Saturday 24th February at 7.00pm: Eamonn (Nuck) Forde – 1st Anniversary, Mary & William Forde,
Seamus & Ellen Hurst, Fergal Farrell, Henry Rennicks & deceased family members,
Sunday 25th February at 11.00am: Johnny Scully – Months Memory, Annie, Charley & Benny Flynn, Cora
Foran, Ken Collins, James (Fluffy) Berry, Sean Hooper Farrell, Kathleen Keogh, Phil O’Callaghan
Monday 26th February at 10.00am: Liz Williams (From all her friends in the ICA)
Tuesday 27th February at 10.00am: Maureen Kinread – 1st Anniversary, Michael Sheill, Frances & James
Farrelly, Denis English & deceased family members
Wednesday 28th February at 10.00am:
Thursday 29th February at 10.00am: Phil O’Callaghan
Friday 1st March at 10.00am: Mass at 10.00am during Lent.
Saturday 2nd March at 7.00pm: Kay Delamere, Fionnuala Doyle
Sunday 3rd March at 11.00am: Watt McNamee – Months Memory, Shay Hayes – 1st Anniversary, Mickey
Usher – 1st Anniversary, Phyllis Usher, Wendy & Bernadette Connolly, Marian Rowan, Maria Lynam,
Deceased members of the Lynam & Larkin Families, Christopher (Kit) O’Mara, May Glennon, Phyllis Dunne